La Bernaudeau Junior Internationale


Article 1: Organization
The Bernaudeau  Junior is organized, under the regulations of the UCI,  by “La Roche sur Yon, Vendée Cyclisme” 140, rue Olof Palme
                                                                                                                                                                          85000 La Roche sur Yon               tél
The race takes place on March 18th, 2018. The race is over 128 KM between La Roche sur Yon town and La Tardière town, 93,5 KM on line and 34,5 KM on a circuit of 6,9 KM to be covered 5 times. The departure will be neutralized on the first 5 kilometers
Article 2: Type of event
The event is reserved for cyclists in the Junior category men (17-18 years). The event is classified  1.1
Article 3: Participation
The event is opened to national teams, foreign and national clubs, regional, departmental teams and  mixed teams. Only cyclists in teams will be accepted. The number of cyclists by team is from 4 or 5, a team with less than 4 riders will not be allowed to start the race.
Article 4: Office
The Team Managers will confirm the cyclists taking part, and race num
bers will be given atthe entry of City Hall of La Roche sur Yon town,Napoléon place from 9:00 am till 10:30 am.
Meeting of the sports managers, organized according to the article 1.2.087 of the UCI regulation, in the presence of the referees, will take place at 10:45 am in the City Hall
Rankings management will be held at Crabeil company near the finish line.
Article 5: Presentation and start
Cyclists presentation and signature from 12:15, then, gear inspection (7m93) -  Start at 1 p.m
Article 6: Radio-tour
Race information emitted on the frequency 157,550MHz. Radios supplied by the organizers.
Article 7: Technical support
The service is organized by RVC club :  3 vehicles and a motorcycle.
Article 8: Medical service
A doctor will be standing in a vehicle located just behind that of the President of the jury, one car of the Red Cross and two ambulances will complete this service.
Article 9: Time limit
Every cyclists arriving at a time exceeding 8 % of the winner’s  time  will not be classified.
Article 10: Intermediate rankings
The following rankings are established:
1st of the event on time.
First 3 of Sprints                                      3, 2 and 1 point are given for each ranking
First 3 of the best climber                        3, 2 and 1 point are given for each ranking
For cyclists with the same number of points, numbers of 1st spots and 2nd spots will be taken in to account.
If still a draw, the final classification of the race decides.
Team classification: (article 2.3.044) will be established by the addition of the 3 best individual times of each team.
Article 11: Prize list
The event is endowed with 1765 € :
1215 € on 20 first ones
1st 200 €   2nd 150 €   3rd 125 €   4th 100 €   5th 90 €  6th 80 €   7th70 €  8th 60 €   9th 50 €   10th 40 €   11th in the 15th 30 €   16th in the 20th 20 €
300 € for intermediate rankings sprints and best climbers 1st70 €   2nd 50 €   3nd  30 €
200 € for intermediate rankings by team       1st 100 €   2nd 60 €   2nd  40 €
50 € for the best junior 1
Article 12: Anti doping control
The medical supervision will be made at Crabeil company near the finish line. 
Article 13: Protocol
The following cyclists must present themselves to the podium 10 min after the finish of the race:
The first three cyclists of the race.
The winners  of Sprints and best climber.
The 1st  junior 1 and  the 1st team
Article 14: Penalties
Only penalties of the UCI are applicable.